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NOTE We're just breaking ground on this project and there's a lot to do. Go look at the Issues to see what's happening and how you can help!

Project goals

Goal 1: Enable the wider web

The "wider web" adds augmented and virtual reality to the existing flat web. It incorporates the essential harassment management tools required for healthy social systems.

See What Is The Wider Web for more details.

Goal 2: Explore new design, art, and social capabilities

The wider web provides fresh ground to explore new user experience designs, flat graphics, 3D graphics, art forms, and social situations.

This project supports and encourages exploration of these new directions.


PotassiumES is for teams who create wider web applications:

This project is indirectly for people who use the wider web, but they'll probably never know we are here any more than they know about which web server software hosts their favorite web sites.


A delightful technical framework for building wider web applications.

A library of beautiful user interface controls that work nicely on major web browsers and on accessibility-oriented browsers like screen readers.

Educational resources for teams who want to co-create the wider web.

A solid social framework for organizing and realizing progressive projects.


This project has a somewhat unique Code of Conduct that holds contributors to a higher standard than most other collective action.

If all else fails, ask Trevor Flowers <[email protected]>