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EloquentJs client library

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EloquentJs is a javascript implementation of the Eloquent ORM from Laravel. This repo holds the source for the client-side component which provides the familiar Eloquent API in the browser. For more about EloquentJs, check out parsnick.github.io/eloquentjs.

Relation to other packages

The parsnick/eloquentjs package for Laravel, available via Composer, includes a pre-built copy of this library. If you just want to use EloquentJs, head over to the eloquentjs repo and follow the Quickstart guide.

If you want to contribute, view the source, or customise the build, carry on.


API documentation exists at doc.esdoc.org.

User-friendly documentation for usage of this library exists at parsnick.github.io/eloquentjs/client.




As a new project, no formal contribution guide exists but feel free to open issues and pull requests. For anything related to the companion PHP package, please use parsnick/eloquentjs.