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JavaScript utilities for creating, transforming, and handling Coverage Data objects.

API docs


A minified bundle of this library is available on npmcdn.

Usage is simple:

<script src="https://npmcdn.com/[email protected]/covutils.min.js"></script>
var coverage = ... ;

// let's mask the Coverage with a GeoJSON polygon
// any data values outside the polygon become null
var polygon = {
  "type": "Polygon",
  "coordinates": [
    [ [100.0, 0.0], [101.0, 0.0], [101.0, 1.0], [100.0, 1.0], [100.0, 0.0] ]
CovUtils.maskByPolygon(coverage, polygon, ['x','y'])
  .then(function (maskedCov) {
    // work with masked Coverage

If polygon-related functionality is not needed, then a lite bundle can be used instead:

<script src="https://npmcdn.com/[email protected]/covutils-lite.min.js"></script>


You may also use this library within common package managers as it is published on npm.

An ES6 import may look like that:

import {maskByPolygon} from 'covutils'


This library is developed within the MELODIES project.