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Sharing streams

Stream can only be shared within a Room using the share method.

The share method

The share method can take up to 3 arguments.

The stream type

Can be AUDIO, VIDEO, AUDIO_VIDEO or any of the stream type defined here

The Media constraints

The media constraints can be defined when calling share:

room.share(Reach.types.AUDIO_VIDEO, {audio: true, video: {width: 1080}});

or on init:

const myReach = new Reach('https://io.datasync.orange.com/base/<your_namespace>', {
    constraints: {audio: true, video: {width: 1080}}

A media constraints helper is exposed as a static member of Reach. It will return a well formatted constraints object:

// Default constraints
// Will output {"video":{"width":{"min":720,"ideal":1280,"max":1920},"height":{"min":576,"ideal":720,"max":1080}},"audio":true}

// SD preset
// Will output {"video":{"width":{"min":640,"ideal":720,"max":1280},"height":{"min":480,"ideal":576,"max":720}},"audio":true}

The container node

You only need to provide a container node (i.e. a div), Reach will create the appropriate media element (i.e. audio or video) for the given stream.

Switching the camera

Once a stream is shared, you can switch between media devices:

    .then(stream => {
        // stream is myStream

The switchCamera method will loop through available video devices found via mediaDevice.enumerateDevice.

You can specify which device you want to switch to by passing the device's id to the switchCamera method.

The same method exists for switching the microphone.

Prefer Codecs

On init, you can specify a preferred codec to use when negotiating the PeerConnection.

const myReach = new Reach('https://io.datasync.orange.com/base/<your_namespace>', {
    preferredAudioCodec: Reach.codecs.audio.OPUS,
    preferredVideoCodec: Reach.codecs.video.VP9

The preferred codec must be specified as a RegExp. You can find predefined ones in Reach.codecs.

On negotiation, Reach will edit the SDP offer before sending it and reorder the available codecs to suit your configuration