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A JavaScript implementation of the Magister 6 API.


npm install magister.js

const { default: magister, getSchools } = require('magister.js');
// or with es6 modules:
// import magister, { getSchools } from 'magister.js'

// replace every '<thing>' with your credentials:

getSchools('<schoolname>') // get schools matching '<schoolname>'
    .then((schools) => schools[0]) // get the first school
    .then((school) => magister({ // login
        username: '<username>',
        password: '<password>',
    .then((m) => { // done logging in, say hi
        console.log(`Hey ${m.profileInfo.firstName}!`);
    }, (err) => { // something went wrong
        console.error('something went wrong:', err);

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Before creating issues

  1. Update all dependencies with npm update
  2. Be sure you haven't made a typo and your code is correct (check the docs)
  3. Don't create issues which occur in a modified version