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This is the Microservice Catalog project made under UITS for the P632 course.

Steps to install Yarn:

For macOS Users:

brew update
brew install yarn

For Windows Users

npm install -g yarn

Steps to Run: 1) Install Dependencies

cd src/main/app
yarn install

Reference for installing Yarn : https://yarnpkg.com/en/docs/install Documentation for Yarn : https://yarnpkg.com/en/docs

2) Run Application

cd ../../..
mvn spring-boot:run

3) Stop Application

mvn spring-boot:stop

Steps to generate documentation using esdoc hosting service:

Go to: https://doc.esdoc.org/-/generate.html

Input: "git@github.com:p632-sp-2017/microservice-catalog-frontend.git"

Click the "Generate" button

View documentation on: https://doc.esdoc.org/github.com/p632-sp-2017/microservice-catalog-frontend/

Wiki Documentation

To view a complete detailed documentation about the project : https://github.com/p632-sp-2017/microservice-catalog-frontend/wiki