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Entity oriented SDK to work with the Spotify Web API.

Entity oriented? What? Yes, you will always receive entities+helpers as the API's response.

An awesome example

Too simple like: Get my User then retrieve my Playlist, then add a Track to one Playlist.

user.me().then((myUser) => { // -> return a User entity with helpers
    myUser.playlists().then((playlistsCollection) => {
        playlistsCollection.first().tracks // -> tracksCollections
        playlistsCollection.first().addTrack(trackEntity) // -> add a track to the playlist

More Examples

Basic example

Complex example


- MagicPlaylist


Go to the site

Getting Started

You can get it on npm.

npm install spotify-sdk --save

How to start?

After installing, you should add the SDK to your project.

import {Client, TrackHandler, PlaylistHandler} from 'spotify-sdk';

You can import all entities, handlers and resources of the library.

Init the client

let client = Client.instance;

client.settings = {
    clientId: 'CLIENT_ID',
    secretId: 'SECRET_ID'

If your applications require methods that need authentication:

client.settings = {
    clientId: 'CLIENT_ID',
    secretId: 'SECRET_ID',
    scopes: [SCOPE, SCOPE2],
    redirect_uri: 'REDIRECT_URL'

client.token = 'TOKEN';

Here there is a suggested implementation for login.


Read the documentation here

Browser Support

This SDK use Babel and Polyfill in order to add comptiblity with old browseres.

42+ ✔ 41+ ✔ 9+ ✔ 29+ ✔ 8 ✔


git clone [email protected]:loverajoel/spotify-sdk.git

npm install

npm run watch


Pull requests and issues are very welcome. If you have found an bug, please open an issue.