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Rizzo Next

Rizzo next is the evolution of Lonely Planet's pattern library.

The idea of a pattern library such as rizzo is to have common grounds between design and development. Pull out patterns from the design and implement them in a re-usable fashion across projects.

This repository contains common styles, and components as well as performance data, and unit tests.

NPM Tasks

npm test # Run unit tests
npm run lint # Lint code
npm run docs # Document code with ESDoc


Run all the tests with...

npm test

To use watch mode...

npm run ci


Generate documentation locally with

npm run docs


Linting will be done locally before you commit via a pre-commit hook.

SCSS Linting

  1. Install scss_lint gem
  2. Run npm install to install new dependencies
  3. Write your SCSS to conform with the rules in .scss-lint.yml (a proper styleguide will follow); view linters documentation
  4. Check your code; manually by running npm run scsslint or automatically via the precommit hook when you git commit