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Function Summary

Static Public Function Summary

blankSVG(d3local: D3, size: Object, select: String): D3Object

blankSVG: Creates a new, blank SVG to perform d3 methods on.


dimensions: Follows the general d3 sizing rules to make it easier to reason about the size and margins of the d3 the goal is have a cleaner way of coding the absolute width and the dimensions the graph will fall in.


draw(what: String, parent: D3Object, settings: Object): Object

draw: manages the heavy lifting of d3 by creating a reusable pattern to create graphics.


drawSchedule(what: String, parent: D3Object, settings: Object): Object

drawSchedule: exactly the same as draw except to be used with load.


load(stringId: String, transitions: ...Function)

load what each transition to schq to be rendered in sequential order.

Variable Summary

Static Public Variable Summary

drawComplete: Observable: *

drawComplete: When you need to know when the asynchronous sequence you have created has ended.


subscription: Observable: *

drawComplete: a disposable to dispose of a load sequence if you wish to remove it from memory