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Hence.io Component Framework


Using this component

Add this component to your polymer project with:

<link rel="import" href="bower_components/hence-flight-checkin/hence-flight-checkin.html" >


All development takes place leveraging the files in the /src & /test folders.


Element dependencies are managed via NPM & Bower. You must have bower installed first:

npm install -g bower

Then, go ahead and conveniently install the element's dependencies:

npm run install-deps

Available Gulp Commands

$ gulp Will compile assets, serve your web component with live reload, transpile es6, and lint your js/scss all while watching your src files

$ gulp build Will compile your component for consumption, exporting it to a /dist folder

$ gulp kss:build Will generate your components style guide into the /dist folder

gulp kss Will generate your components style guide and render it for you to review

$ gulp test Will execute the wct test tool to perform selenium tests on your web component

$ gulp karma Will execute es6 unit testing on your web component's script files

$ gulp karma:watch Will execute the karma tests and set a watcher on the component and test script files

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