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A Pokemon library for JavaScript. That's it.



config.js is a ES6 module. It's default export should be in the following format:

    modules: [ // Will be automatically deep flattened for dependency management
        /* A module from the project */

Here is the built in file for reference:

import Core from './src/core';

export default {
    modules: [

Built file

The built file is available as an ES6 module (dist/build-es6.js), a UMD module in ES6 (dist/build-es6-umd.js), a UMD module in ES5 (dist/build-es5.js), and a minified UMD module in ES5 (dist/build-es5.min.js). By default, it is JSON in the following format:

    core: {
        loaded: true
    Module: /* See Module documentation */

However, in order for it to be useful, you must add modules. To add modules, add them to config.js's modules array.


A PkmnLib.js module should be an ES6 class that extends PkmnLib.Module. A module's constructor should not handle initialization. It should only call super(). It's init method should handle initialization. Use this.originalPkmnLib to get properties from other modules. Set properties on this to add to the core module. See src/core.js for an example.

Actually doing things

In order to be useful, this library must be extended with modules. See config.js to learn how to add modules.


See LICENSE in the project root.