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Getting started


In OS X, we currently run everything locally using a Procfile and node-foreman. To get started, install Node.js and Homebrew. Then clone this repository and cd into ground-control. Then do the following:

npm install

Then you should be able to start Ground Control on http://localhost:3000 with

npm run dev

If you ever want to re-seed the database, run

npm run seed

The seed script will create an admin user with e-mail address [email protected] and password admin. Login with those credentials when you first go to localhost:3000 and then check out localhost:3000/admin.

If you ever add a new Node.js package, be sure to run npm shrinkwrap after you do or things will break for everyone else.


On Linux, follow the same directions as OS X above, but substitue ./setup-linux for the equivalent OSx script.

You will also need to have Docker and docker-compose installed to provide your database.


The best way to run everything on Windows is probably to try to get Docker working on Windows and use the Linux installation instructions.

Enviornment Variables

Here is a list of Environment Variables and how they are used:

You can find their defaults in .env

What does this do and how do I get started?

Currently, Ground Control is two things:

To get started with Ground Control, once it's running, go to http://localhost:3000/admin. From there, you can see the events administration section and the call assignment creation section. To create a call assignment, do the following:

  1. Make a survey in Blue State Digital. If you are developing on Ground Control, ask Saikat for access to the BSD testbed. Make sure to use the "GROUND CONTROL - Survey" wrapper.
  2. If you wish Ground Control to be able to do dynamic stuff with the Blue State Digital fields, tag the fields with something within square brackets at the beginning. E.g. [event_id]Here's a field label.
  3. Make a constituent group that you wish to be the target of your phonebanking assignment in BSD (or figure out a SQL query to use).
  4. Go to http://localhost:3000/admin/call-assignments, click Create, and enter the BSD IDs of your survey and target interviewee group in the form.
  5. Click create

Now, if you go to http://localhost:3000 and signup/login, you shoul see your assignment on the left side. Click it to test it out and start making calls!

What's the end game?

The grand purpose of Ground Control is to be:

  1. A central portal for volunteers who want to get involved with the campaign and an admin interface to manage volunteers. We want this to be the landing page on the homepage as soon as someone wants to volunteer for Bernie.

  2. The central routing point/API for applications to integrate with the CRMs the campaign uses (BSD and VAN)

  3. Be a repository for data that does not fit neatly into BSD and VAN and give people outside of our system access to this data as well

  4. An effort to build out more organizing tools on top of what we already have (which leads to the data in #2).

What are these "CRMs the campaign uses?"

BSD is Blue State Digital and VAN is Voter Activation Network. BSD is basically a CRM including a mailer, way to create surveys, and way to look at signup data. VAN is a giant database of voter information that is used for canvassing/voter outreach efforts. Here is a rough diagram of how it fits together. Rectangles are things that exist, circles are things we are building: https://gomockingbird.com/projects/0govthz/sXMAyD.

VAN and BSD have their own APIs, and currently Ground Control makes use of the BSD API heavily for its syncing purposes.

What stack is this project using?

We are using PostgreSQL for our database. On top of that, we are creating a GraphQL API. GraphQL is designed to make it easy to build APIs for objects that have many relationships. On the frontend, we are using React for the view layer, and React talks to GraphQL via Relay.

If you are feeling stuck/aren't familiar with any of this and want some help, please don't bang your head against a wall! Talk to me ([email protected], @saikat in the BernieBuilders Slack).

More info?

See the docs.


This project is licensed under AGPL.