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Gulp Task Help

Provides a gulp task that will display a help message describing the tasks as well as their dependencies and arguments.




npm i --save-dev gulp-task-help


var Help = require('Help');

// create the help task instance
const help = new Help(
    'Project Title',
    'Project Description

// register each argument
    'arg-name', 'Argument description', 'default value'

    'Task description',

// register the task
gulp.task('help', help.helpTask);

API Documentation

Full API Documentation

new Help(title, description)

Argument Name Type Description
title string Generally the title of the application
description string A description of the application or the build system

registerTask(taskName, description, dependencies, args)

Argument Name Type Description Default
taskName string The name of the task as registered with gulp
description string The description of the tasks
dependencies string[] A list of dependant task nams []
args string[] A list of argument names []

registerArgument(argumentName, description, defaultValue)

Argument Name Type Description
argumentName string The name of the argument
description string The description of the argument
defaultValue string A default value, or description of the default value


Gulp Task Help is released under the ISC license. See LICENSE.