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GitHub Extended

GitHub Extended is a collection of methods to extend the functionality of Github.js (known on npm as github-api).


Being an extension for Github.js, the only requirement is to install and include Github.js before GitHub Extended.


You can install GitHub Extended by using npm:

npm install github-extended

Alternatively, you can install it via Bower:

bower install github-extended --save

Another possibility is to manually download it.


The sections below describe the methods provided.

repository.search(string, options = {})

Searches files and folders

repository.mergePullRequest(pullRequest, options = {})

Merges a pull request

repository.remove(branchName = 'master', path = '')

Deletes a file or a folder and all of its content from a given branch


Creates a fork of the repository


GitHub Extended is dual licensed under MIT and GPL-3.0.


Aurelio De Rosa (@AurelioDeRosa)